June 13, 2011, 8:55 am
Source: Global Healing Pakistan
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A blasphemy case has been registered against a young Christian named Mr. Dildar Masih at Tulamba Police Station, Mian Channu. He has been accused of desecrating the “Kalema Tayyaba”. The accused of this charge is a married person of about 35 years having two children, three years Shahzeb and one year old Javed. His wife Nasim Bibi is an illiterate woman of 30 years. Dildar Masih belongs to a Muslim populated village Chak No. 6/8-AR Farm Wala which is situated in Teshil Headquarter Mian Channu, District Khanewal (South Punjab). All 10 Christian families living in this area had to leave their homes and seek shelter in the nearby Christian settlements after life threats from the extremists.

The accusation came on Friday June 10th at 11:00 am when a seven years old Christian boy Ahtesham was going to a shop and was stopped by some Muslim boys belonging to a Dini Madrissa (Islamic Teaching Institution). They asked the Christian boy to recite the Kalema Tayyaba (Belief of Islam) and embrace Islam. He refused to do so. At this they started beating him. Meanwhile, his uncle Dildar Masih (Blasphemy accused) came to the spot and forbade them. It is said that he also abused the Muslim boys. The Imam Masjid of the nearby mosque Qari Hussnain was watching the incident at some distance. He is of the opinion that Dildar Masih abused the Kalema Tayyaba. Later on while addressing the Friday prayer he announced that a Christian Dildar Masih has desecrated the Kalema Tayyaba and the Muslims should punish the accused of this act. He also urged the Muslims to protest against it. After Friday prayer the angry mob moved to Dildar Masih’s house and demanded his family that he would be handed over to them. Dildar’s father Yousaf Masih says that they not only entered their home but also misbehaved with them. Yousaf Masih told them that at time Dildar was not present but he assured them to bring his son (accused) in “PANCHAET” in the evening. At this, angry mob left his home giving them life threats. In the after-noon announcements were made from the mosque of the village to search the blasphemy accused for punishment. Hundreds of Muslims gathered in the streets and in front of Dildar’s house. In the mean time local police station was informed by someone and he was taken away to Tulamba Police Station where blasphemy case was registered against him vide FIR No.211/11 dated 10th June 2011. Now he is in judicial lockup and his family members including other Christian families have been forced to abandon their homes and shift to other places due to life threats. Frightened poor helpless Christian families are still in a state of shock.

As a human rights activist and Director/Chairman of Global Healing Initiative Pakistan, I met the family members of accused Dildar Masih and other Christian families. I enquired them about this matter. They described the situation as under:-

Yousaf Masih (Accused’s Father): Yousaf Masih is the father of blasphemy accused Dildar Masih. He is about 60 years old having two sons and three daughters. He is a poor labourer by profession. He told that they have been living in this Muslim locality since a long time serving the Muslim landlords. But they had not ever observed such hatred and discriminatory attitude. He said that his accused son Dildar just forbade the Muslim boys to beat his nephew. They were forcing him to recite the Kalema Tayyaba and embrace Islam. Dildar asked them to stop this exercise because it was against his faith. They went away but afterwards Qari Hussnain while addressing the Friday prayer created this controversy of desecrating the Kalema Tayyaba. He told that religious extremists are continually threatening them. That is why they have left their homes and are quite insecure. He requested to provide legal assistance to his family in this blasphemy case and financial support to all affected shelterless and jobless Christian families because at the moment they have neither shelter nor any source of income to afford their big families.

Nasim Bibi (Accused’s Wife): Nasim Bibi is a 30 years old poor illiterate woman. She has two little children and has left her home along with her in-laws. She was so frightened that she seemed to be unable to speak. She was much disappointed about the future of her family while wiping her tears she said that her husband has not desecrated the Kalema Tayyaba and has falsely accused of this charge. She also requested for legal and financial assistance.


Ahtesham Sunny (Accused’s Nephew):  He is of 7 years innocent Christian boy. He told that Muslim boys were forcing him to recite Kalema Tayyaba but he was unable to do so. At this they tortured him but his uncle Dildar tried to save him. He told that his uncle did not desecrated the Kalema Tayyaba. He just saved his life and this blasphemy charge upon him is absolutely false.



Ayub Masih (Ex-Councilor): Ayub Masih is about 40 years old community leader. He is the Ex-Councilor of the Union Council. He told that this was not a such complicated matter as Qari Hussnain and other religious pressure groups have created. They have forced them to leave their homes after life threats. He said that all Christian families are afraid of going back to their homes. They are much frightened and also unable to provide any legal assistance to the accused person because they have nothing for this purpose. Moreover, they are quite helpless. They cannot go outside freely for labours because extremists are threatening them constantly. So they are unable to afford their families in these circumstances. They need legal assistance as well as financial support for their families.

The above detail is an alarming situation for the Christians of Pakistan. Due to the misuse of blasphemy laws they have been victimized continually. The gravity of discrimination linked to the blasphemy laws is increasing day by day. Once a person is accused of blasphemy, he cannot usually return to normal life even if found innocent. So the religious minorities of Pakistan are much worried about their future.




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Shaukat Channan wrote: 06-14-2011 23:54:54

Dear Patras Dewan, Please send me Dildar's family contact No as soon as Posible....I will try to find out legel aid for them....plz contact with me on my email: