Peace and Justice

December 3, 2011, 9:19 am
Source: Pakistan Global Healing
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                                                 Peace and Justice 

 The purpose of Peace Day is to promote the peace, justice, harmony, and cooperation in the world. The purpose of peace is to create a culture of peace, justice and healing the earth for all living beings.

For the culture of peace world to become a reality, there is a need for willing people and helping hands of men and women.   We need to work to stop terrorism, violence, human’s killing each other, and to end the blasphemy law  cases   against the minorities in Pakistan.  We also need the world to work toward greater democracy.  

The roots of peace are weak in Pakistan. What are these roots of peace?

The roots of peace are things such as tolerance, harmony, justice good friendship, respect, charity, love, democracy and sacrifice. To nurture these roots of peace, we need to respect every religion.  We are equal in the world and we should not blame other religions. Every religion has the same values, there is no better religion in the world than another, we are equal.

War, fighting, blaming other minorities or religions are not the solution for converting others to one's religion of choice. When we promote peace, justice, harony, respect, love, tolerance, and forgiveness to others, it is the same as preaching to others about our beliiefs and religion. Every year the peace and tolerance day reminds us of how far we are from these fundamental and necessary principles. If we will not apply these principles in our nation,  and in our personal life, we will be alone in the world. We need to create the culture of peace and justice in Pakistan. It will take time and will be long journey, but must we have to go on. It is possible.

As humans, the purpose of our life is to reflect the light on the dark places.  We need to light a flame in the candle of peace and justice in the Pakistan, and in the world. 

Each person has responsibility in their own way to build a culture of peace and harmony.  We need to civilize our self, treating every one around us with respect.  Peace is not just for happiness.  Peace teaches us the importance of a peaceful life according to our belief  and lifestyle. Through peace we learn how to love our neighbors and one another in the world . This article provides us some suggestions to help us to discover our journey to living in peace.

Only peaceful individuals can make a peaceful Pakistan in the world.  Pakistan may have peace and peace may become a reality, A healthy Pakistan in the world and the next generation may have a world of happiness, a world of prosperity, a world of love, a world free from suffering.

 We do not consider ourselves better then other women and men. We have a responsibility for a better global order. Our involvement for human rights, freedom, justice, peace, and the preservation of the Earth is absolutely necessary.

No one has the right physically or spiritually to torture, injure, or kill, any other human being.   All religious members must  be good neighbors and live in peace and harmony.  We are not following these principles and that is why we have war in Pakistan and in the world.   The public believes and thinks that many things which they are doing are right and true,  but they are not true.  To create a culture of peace, we have to think positively and as equals.  We  need to discuss equitable solutions to conflicting goals. It will be possible when all nations are good neighbors, when they behave with neighbor countries seeking to help those who are in dire circumstances.

·        Justice, tolerance, harmony, good triendship, respect, charity, love, democracy and sacrifice are primary pillars of peace. UnfortunatelyPakistan is far away from some of these principles. This is basically because of war, and terrorism in Pakistan. We need to think about these pillars of peace and how we can be a part of these principles.  We should avoid the violence; we need to seek justice and peace. Honesty it is necessary for democracy.  We should follow the rule of law. If we want to promote peace in the Pakistan and world.

The improvement of peace and justice and the quality of life is very necessary in the world. But it demands rules of education too,

Education: is a must for a healthy life and healthy world.  Education is a knowledge and knowledge is the light of our life.   The base of peace is education. Through education we learn that basic principles of human rights, men and women are created equal, and have equal rights.  All the peoples in the world through education learn modest conversation, how to moderate our convictions, peace, justice, and sacrifice.   We learn how much impatientience their is to obtain peace in the world.  We know and seek disarmament rather then building a security system.  When we will live peaceful then other people will also live peaceful. We give respect to nation and national leaders and should honor all who have been killed in the war for peace.

We all have a right and obligation to point out where our national policies are mistaken. And our goal should be that all children in Pakistan be trained to handle conflicts for peace.

                                      Peace is not cheap, but it is much less expensive then war  




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Nicki manousakis wrote: 06-10-2013 04:45:37

Lovely story. A lot of messages there also shows character and belief