Dengue Virus Awareness Seminar

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Oct.13, 2011 a “Dengue Virus Awareness Seminar” was organized at St. Mary’s Mission H/School Opp. Lahore General Hospital, Lahore. A number of students, teachers and parents participated. A few schools including Happy Deal Montessori School, Al-Shad Public School and Shaheen Model High School joined. The students took an active interest to know more about dengue fever.  

The seminar was organized by the following four organizations which are working to fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito and create awareness among masses: as  Public Educational Awareness for Community Excellence (PEACE), Global Healing Initiative (GHI), National Peace Council for Inter-faith Harmony (NPCIH) and Life Awareness for National Development (LAND). The General Secretary (PEACE) Farzana Zahid was facilitating the guests as a master of ceremony.  

Dr Muhammad Qasim and Dr FalakSher from Lahore General Hospital conducted a series of informative lectures on dengue fever. They told its history, the disease causing and treatment. They further informed how to keeping the environment clean and preventive care against the dengue fever to save public lives.  At the end of the session parents and students asked some questions and shared their problems. Dr. Falik replied and summed up.

Ch. Muhammad Azar Hussain DO (industrier) from Joint Stock Company said regarding the strategy and steps taken for eradication of dengue virus. He said that the Sri Lankan experts had controlled the spread of mosquito with the help of effective public awareness campaign. The Provincial government alone cannot do this. So, we should follow the same method and support the Punjab government.

Syed Arshad Ilyas DDO (industrier) appreciated the Chief Minister’s struggle to work out a strategy to facilitate the suffering public. The Punjab government has announced to provide free diagnostic and treatment facilities to the dengue fever patients. The provincial government is actively participating in the campaign against dengue because of its expertise in pest control.

The students of St. Mary’s Mission High School as well as teachers have committed to create awareness campaign to control dengue virus by killing its larva and mosquitoes and distribute pamphlets and handbills among the masses. The students and teachers also committed voluntarily to initiate the spray campaign at our own School Street and houses.

The Executive member Global Healing Initiative, Pervaiz Akhtar said that hundred of people have fallen prey to dengue fever with death and thousands are affected by it. He reviewed the ongoing campaign for eradication of dengue virus, stressing that all citizens personally would have to fulfill their responsibilities in this hour of trial.

The regional Director Global Healing, Pakistan Patras Dewan said that dengue virus has shaken the masses in the Punjab particularly in Lahore. They are undergoing the agony of this disease being caused by dengue virus.  As result, people are suffering and losing their loved ones. And in order to guard against this disease, this adage works best: “Prevention is better than cure”.

Yours in Peace

Peter Murad

Coordinator: Global Healing Initiative, Pakistan




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